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“The noble pleasure is the joy of understanding” ~Da Vinci

Have you ever felt stressed when you faced the challenge of doing strategic communication? No matter if your answer is “yes” or “no,” let’s learn what PR professions do when they are doing communication in the industry. This blog is going to emphasize on how PR professionals do communication in the United States and China. I will provide the differences and similarities in media between western and eastern culture.

We all had the situation where our audience didn’t get the idea of what we were trying to express. It’s like the “curse of knowledge” that you and your audience have during the difficulty in conversation. I still remember that there was one time I had a conversation with my father about my life in school. I talked about my major, my club, and my work but he can’t relate to any of that because I didn’t explain these in details. He later told me that he just pretends he is listening but actually he has no idea what I just talked about. When we don’t make connection to our audience, we might just lose their attention.

To become one of the PR pros, learning from different trends and industries is not a bad idea. Getting in touch with diverse topics can help you develop a wider mindset. Maybe you can use the knowledge you absorb from cross-cultural PR to non-profit PR. There might be different strategies you can learn from this PR field to another.



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