What does digital media function in Fashion?

Nowadays more people are using digital media. Within a few minutes or even seconds, news can reach out all over the world.

Just a few days ago, the Women’s March in Washington D.C. successfully gathered millions of people around the world to make the voice through digital media. The campaign aimed to protect people’s rights that motivate a positive vibe. It used diverse social media to raise the awareness through creating hash tags and publish photos on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

That’s how digital media works in political fields. Let’s take a look at how digital communication affects the fashion industry nowadays. Last year in Feb. 2016, Burberry chose Brooklyn Beckham to be its new fragrance and campaign model. The company chose him instead of an established industry professional, which aroused public anger. Brooklyn has 5.9 million followers on Instagram, which is what Burberry is looking for. With huge fans and supporters, Brooklyn deserves his chance to work with Burberry.


Today, social media plays a big role in representing one’s reputation. People get to know a person through checking out their social media account; the images and words that one posts would influence how people view them. In the fashion field, designers view collaboration significantly. In order to reach out to a wider range of audiences, the designer could not take any risk on random partners. Instead, with huge followers they can help the designers to gain recognition globally because of their communication skills on media. People now care more about the brand instead of the product itself. The popularity of a work depends on its advertisement strategies.

Many luxury brands have not only opened chain stores but also developed online shops. Many industries are transforming from paper work to digital work, so is the fashion industry. Many consumers choose to stay home to do online shopping rather than go out and look at physical products. People’s living style is now more convenient because of the evolution of technology. The companies that engage more with their social media accounts tends to grow online stores faster. Luxury brands should stop avoiding e-commerce instead of embracing it.

There is a successful example of how a businessman earned huge profits on a traditional holiday in China by using digital media. Alibaba Group is the current Chinese biggest e-commerce company. The founder of Alibaba, Jack Ma, has become the most successful internet-base businessman in China. The group has turned 2016 Chinese Single Day, a traditional Chinese holiday, into a global shopping festival. Consumers could only go to the stores to shop for the products on this special day before Ma developed online shopping and invited global luxury brands. During the day, there were millions of Chinese customers and 10,000 merchants and a 40 percent year-to-year surge in total revenue.

The cooperation between those invited luxury brands and Alibaba Group turned out to be a huge success. To let public remember the brands and designers, those companies should work hard to become the topic of the conversation through managing Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter efficiently.




2 thoughts on “What does digital media function in Fashion?

  1. I really like the examples you used in this blog. Your theme is very clear. I understand the importance of social media in daily life after reading your post. Would it be better to leave your little summary at the end?


  2. ytian2 is correct about your strategic use of examples. However, make sure to watch some spelling errors on some words in the second and third paragraphs. Additionally, try spicing up the word choice for the word “nowadays.” Your content is excellent but the organization with big blocky paragraphs makes it a bit hard to read. Overall, great blog post!


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