How to attract brand’s fan base?

The evolution of technology changed people’s living style by transforming paper work to digital work. This provoked the development of the digital communication era. However, after discussing what social media does in the industry, it is important to know how to do the management.

In the article “Why every brand should curate content” from Ragan’s PR Daily, the author analyzed the importance of content curation. She stated the phenomena that most people produce heavy loads of content but didn’t do the organizing. The reason why brands should do the curation, stated by the author, Kristin Piombino, is repurposing existing content. After curating the content, people can easily search and find information of the brand, making it people’s top choice while searching online.

Given these reasons, how are we going to attract customers’ attention and win their interests? Brands tend to produce lots of informational content on their social media. They tried to market themselves by appearing more to let the public remember their existence. They do media posting, blog management and customer interaction. However, some companies are successful through these methods, but some of them aren’t. Although their methods are the same, their tactics are different.

From the article “The five levels of content marketing in the fashion industry” written by the author Daniel Marks, he listed the five levels which includes:

  • Overtly promotional content
  • The classic blog
  • Making your content unique
  • Engagement and interaction
  • Bringing everything together

Let’s talk about the first three levels. He pointed out the phenomena that most companies do not examine if their spread out information works. Companies should focus on one specific media outlet, then put efforts into it. Many brands distract customers’ attention by working with diverse media outlets. If we take a look at Zara’ s strategy, we discover most of the time its published content on social media is promotional. The brand didn’t overly advertise itself, but it delivered the news of products, sales and new items, which is what the customer is looking for. Moreover, if you go check out its Twitter and Instagram accounts, you can see how differently Zara presents its new apparels. Zara presents its new items by displaying them on live models to do the demonstration to the customers. It overtly does promotional content presented simply and clearly.

In addition to Zara, another company successfully managed their brand through posting promotional content on social media. In the article, Marks later mentioned how a New York Tumblr account, What I Wore, beat other brands through investing in its blog. He explained how it is useless to produce tons of posts everyday without putting effort in any of those. It’s not enough to just throw information on a blog and wish the public takes it. Companies should let their audience feel their concerns about them beyond their management on social media. It’s important to plan the goal and mission of the brand and develop the blog along with it.

After the company identifies its media outlet, it should then think about its theme. The goal for each brand is different. Companies should know who their target audience is. Same as with many different media outlets, many companies tend to focus on diverse topics that distract audience attention. Therefore, companies should focus on a specific topic. For example, the brand Barneys New York, write about the stories of their designers. It gives the audience the chance to learn from their designers for inspiration. When companies combine the brand with stories, the popularity increased. In addition, it stands out from the rest because of its uniqueness.

Brands can attract the fan base by focusing on curating content. With these successful brand examples, content management is essential to most companies. Therefore, the the industry should apply the right outreach strategies to approach their target audience.


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