Innovation of social media

Recently, I found Instagram‘s new feature very interesting. It allows people to post videos and re-play it within 24 hours. More surprisingly, people can add icons, location, temperature and other additional information to the video or images that posted. Then I started to play with it by making my Instagram story in to a series of videos and form my little story.

However, at the beginning, I thought Instagram was copied the idea of Snapchat. Snapchat allows people to record videos and send it to friends or posts on a personal story. Both features are similar but not completely the same. I later found out that Snapchat is harder to use than Instagram because videos only pop up for few seconds and you can’t tag friends. Snapchat turns this feature too personal that it makes me feel hard to share to all of my friends or follow my favorite brands.

Brands started to use social media to reach out to the new generations. Technology and Internet is the two biggest things younger generations have spent their time on. However, to approach new target audiences, companies cannot just pop up everywhere and show their existence. People would get tired of the ads from the same company again and again.  It is companies’ job to navigate the right communication tool and use it efficiently.

Last Spring, when H&M collaborate with KENZO, I was so happy that I could learn the news so early. I knew their new collection from my H&M Instagram story. The company didn’t take long to spread the news and promote their new collections because it used the right tool to attract their target market. The new collection from H&M and KENZO is more with color and printed, which fits younger generations’ dress up styles. The Instagram story gave audience the chance to look behind the scene and gave the company the chance to be transparent.

The evolution of social media gives people more convenience. Today, Instagram cannot only post videos but also go live on its story. It combines the features from Snapchat and Facebook to create fresh new tool for people to play with. On the other hand, Snapchat also has new features to allow people to create group chat, create custom stickers, and others.

Social media has become better each day with the evolution of adding new features. It allows people to contact each other easier and allows companies to stay in touch with the customers. By providing more engagement and interaction, the companies get closer to the audience.


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