WeChat links people to the world

During our Chinese Lunar New Year, we have a tradition of giving red envelop to family members.Inside the red envelop, we will put some money to symbolize wishing our loved ones a peaceful new year. Instead, they transfer money via WeChat to me every year during this special holiday. There is a mobile red envelop on that social media app, which allows people to send money without going through a complicated process.

WeChat is one of the main social media tools in China. It provides a lot of services that combine with several business companies. The App allows people to send messages, use free video calls, check news updates, transfer money, pay bills, donate to charity, buy train tickets, and even book hotels. It has brought a new era to the Chinese that advances their lives’ efficiency. Thus, the advantages of the App are to increase numbers of business transactions, and to promote economic market.

If you look at American’s social media tool such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter,  you can see that they are all simply just tools for communication. They don’t collaborate with any business industry to create additional services. Instead, they connect with several companies to create campaigns that raise certain topics’ awareness. The advantage of American’s social media is to link people together, where the advantage of Chinese social media, WeChat, is to link people to many services. The biggest advantage is to make the world a cashless economy. To refer back to my personal experience, I noticed that people use WeChat to transfer money and buy goods, just like they can with Apple Pay.

WeChat was released in January 2011. With less than 20 years of history, it has developed so rapidly that nowadays it has 806 million active users per month. More surprisingly, not only Chinese people use WeChat; people from other countries also use WeChat as their daily social tool. The research has found out that there are 70 million users outside of China.

Today, WeChat has become a part of people’s daily routines. They use it as their main tool to pay for goods, chat with friends, check movie schedules, and so on. It has made people’s lives more convenient so that they can do anything without leaving their place and the WeChat universe. It is not only a social media tool, but also a portal to let people connect to the world.


One thought on “WeChat links people to the world

  1. Very interesting topic for your blog! I have never heard of WeChat before but it sounds like such an interesting platform. I like how you brought in the forms of communication Americans are used to in order to compare.


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