Generation Z

This week during one of my PR courses, our team did a research on the topic of communicating with generation Z. To know how to reach out to a certain group of audience, we start from learning its background. We did the research on how generation Z is different from other generations then analysis their channels.

Generation Z is referring to the people who are born after 2000 to 2020. They are the first generations whom are raise up from the era of smartphones and digital. They didn’t been through the lifestyle before the rise of technology.

After did the research, we found out that you only got eight seconds to engage them. Since they raised up by the digital era, you are easily lose their attention. Compare to other generations, they are less patience. The research also shows that it is better to grab their attentions with a visual image and limited the message into five words.

After knowing the tactics to communicate them, we found out the channels to reach out. Since they are familiar with smartphones, they are also familiar with social media platforms. The interesting part is, most people conceived the idea that generation Z would stick to Snapchat and Instagram more but turns out not. Instead of thinking Facebook sounds old to them, surprisingly Facebook is the most popular social media platform used by generation Z.

They prefer to use Facebook because it constantly renovate with new features. Today, Facebook no longer just a platform to post message and image but has new function such as Facebook live or face swap for taking pictures and videos. These new features have fit their interests. Facebook is also considers as gen Z’s modern day phone book. They can abstract tons of information on there whenever they need to. It is an extremely convenient tool for them to use.

If you want to reach out to a certain group of people, it is better to do research on their background. Thus, you can reach out to them easier and faster by using the right channel and right communication strategies and tactics.


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