Screen culture- advertising

Screen cultures are widely blended into our daily life. People can just reach out some information through their finger clicks. However, where does the budget come from for producing movies or episodes that showed on screens nowadays? Sometimes I wonder how a movie or episode was produced, or how does movie producers earn their money. The answer is sponsor. Movie producers have to rely on sponsors in order to produce their movies and present to the audience. Therefore, movie producers have to insert those brands inside the film for exchanging their works. Asian screen is a method to advertise products because Asian screen usually sponsored by companies.

From the early centuries, while television started to be known for people, almost every person owns a television and made watching television becomes one of their daily hobby. People flips through channels while get home from work. As a result, television channels become a tunnel for companies to transmit messages for the audience. It was the fastest way to spreads out information in the old days. Today, television becomes the most common device that every single person holds one. Therefore, the world developed screen culture for adding more color into our normal life.

Screen culture includes television, computer, phones, and I-Pad, etc. People can learn more information through screen culture every single day. According to the course from University of Hertfordshire, Screen Culture, screen culture is defined as, “the way so much of work, pleasure and leisure, personal lives and other parts of the day-to-day involve the display of image, text or other signs on a ‘screen’ of some kinds. It looks at the contemporary world as a place where is a ‘print culture’ of fixed texts is giving way to a ‘screen culture’ of ephemeral, networked, interactive, fluid texts embedded in ubiquitous media devices.” People live in a world with many different types of screen devices that influence their way of life every second. People may take it for leisure or work. Nevertheless, sometimes people are affected by the screen culture, such as purchasing products from brand promotion inside the films or episodes.

In Asia, sponsors who provide them the budget for producing movies for audience display many films. Or in other words, sponsors are the people who want to produce movies because they can let more people get to know their brands, then rise up their sales for earning more money. Therefore, those movies or episodes have to insert many brands for helping those sponsors to increase their sells in the market. For example, I had watched a Korean drama in the year before last year when I was going to come to the U.S. with my best friends in the summer. The name of the episode is called “My love from the star”, and the movie doesn’t only advertise on those luxury products but also the celebrities. They had invited the most famous celebrities in Korea for participate in the series for attracting more audiences. After that year, “My love from the star” has become the most popular television series in Asia. The reason for that is because the materials that were used in the episode are all very famous and expensive. In addition, all of the products from the series are the highest quality.


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