Screen culture- advertising

Screen cultures are widely blended into our daily life. People can just reach out some information through their finger clicks. However, where does the budget come from for producing movies or episodes that showed on screens nowadays? Sometimes I wonder how a movie or episode was produced, or how does movie producers earn their money. The answer is sponsor. Movie producers have to rely on sponsors in order to produce their movies and present to the audience. Therefore, movie producers have to insert those brands inside the film for exchanging their works. Asian screen is a method to advertise products because Asian screen usually sponsored by companies.

From the early centuries, while television started to be known for people, almost every person owns a television and made watching television becomes one of their daily hobby. People flips through channels while get home from work. As a result, television channels become a tunnel for companies to transmit messages for the audience. It was the fastest way to spreads out information in the old days. Today, television becomes the most common device that every single person holds one. Therefore, the world developed screen culture for adding more color into our normal life.

Screen culture includes television, computer, phones, and I-Pad, etc. People can learn more information through screen culture every single day. According to the course from University of Hertfordshire, Screen Culture, screen culture is defined as, “the way so much of work, pleasure and leisure, personal lives and other parts of the day-to-day involve the display of image, text or other signs on a ‘screen’ of some kinds. It looks at the contemporary world as a place where is a ‘print culture’ of fixed texts is giving way to a ‘screen culture’ of ephemeral, networked, interactive, fluid texts embedded in ubiquitous media devices.” People live in a world with many different types of screen devices that influence their way of life every second. People may take it for leisure or work. Nevertheless, sometimes people are affected by the screen culture, such as purchasing products from brand promotion inside the films or episodes.

In Asia, sponsors who provide them the budget for producing movies for audience display many films. Or in other words, sponsors are the people who want to produce movies because they can let more people get to know their brands, then rise up their sales for earning more money. Therefore, those movies or episodes have to insert many brands for helping those sponsors to increase their sells in the market. For example, I had watched a Korean drama in the year before last year when I was going to come to the U.S. with my best friends in the summer. The name of the episode is called “My love from the star”, and the movie doesn’t only advertise on those luxury products but also the celebrities. They had invited the most famous celebrities in Korea for participate in the series for attracting more audiences. After that year, “My love from the star” has become the most popular television series in Asia. The reason for that is because the materials that were used in the episode are all very famous and expensive. In addition, all of the products from the series are the highest quality.

Generation Z

This week during one of my PR courses, our team did a research on the topic of communicating with generation Z. To know how to reach out to a certain group of audience, we start from learning its background. We did the research on how generation Z is different from other generations then analysis their channels.

Generation Z is referring to the people who are born after 2000 to 2020. They are the first generations whom are raise up from the era of smartphones and digital. They didn’t been through the lifestyle before the rise of technology.

After did the research, we found out that you only got eight seconds to engage them. Since they raised up by the digital era, you are easily lose their attention. Compare to other generations, they are less patience. The research also shows that it is better to grab their attentions with a visual image and limited the message into five words.

After knowing the tactics to communicate them, we found out the channels to reach out. Since they are familiar with smartphones, they are also familiar with social media platforms. The interesting part is, most people conceived the idea that generation Z would stick to Snapchat and Instagram more but turns out not. Instead of thinking Facebook sounds old to them, surprisingly Facebook is the most popular social media platform used by generation Z.

They prefer to use Facebook because it constantly renovate with new features. Today, Facebook no longer just a platform to post message and image but has new function such as Facebook live or face swap for taking pictures and videos. These new features have fit their interests. Facebook is also considers as gen Z’s modern day phone book. They can abstract tons of information on there whenever they need to. It is an extremely convenient tool for them to use.

If you want to reach out to a certain group of people, it is better to do research on their background. Thus, you can reach out to them easier and faster by using the right channel and right communication strategies and tactics.

Provide the service people need

Technology developed rapidly because people never stop pursuing a better and convenient life. Last Thursday night I was starving because I haven’t eaten anything during the day. I told my roommate how reluctantly I was to go out and buy food due to my tiredness. At that moment, I was so happy that there is a service called the “Hungry Duck Delivery”. It gives me the service that I want when I need it the most. Serving people’s needs is what makes nowadays a technology booming era.

Let’s look at the example from Uber. Late last year, Uber Technologies had a goal for 2017: listen to its drivers to better understand their experience. It is important to listen to one’s feed back and make adjustment for improvement. Everyone learns from experience and so does a company. Most of the companies’ motto is to service. However, without feedback from both inside and outside of the company, how can it upgrade its level?

Same as technology, it never stops improving because there is always more space to develop to. WeChat as the most popular social media tool in China has gain million of users daily around the world. The company knows how to feed customers’ needs and produce more additional services. The company manipulate well with expanding the collaboration opportunities with each industry. If you look at the service that WeChat provides, you will notice how broad it has come across to diverse industries such as, transportation, entertainment, apparels, and much more.

WeChat links people to the world

During our Chinese Lunar New Year, we have a tradition of giving red envelop to family members.Inside the red envelop, we will put some money to symbolize wishing our loved ones a peaceful new year. Instead, they transfer money via WeChat to me every year during this special holiday. There is a mobile red envelop on that social media app, which allows people to send money without going through a complicated process.

WeChat is one of the main social media tools in China. It provides a lot of services that combine with several business companies. The App allows people to send messages, use free video calls, check news updates, transfer money, pay bills, donate to charity, buy train tickets, and even book hotels. It has brought a new era to the Chinese that advances their lives’ efficiency. Thus, the advantages of the App are to increase numbers of business transactions, and to promote economic market.

If you look at American’s social media tool such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter,  you can see that they are all simply just tools for communication. They don’t collaborate with any business industry to create additional services. Instead, they connect with several companies to create campaigns that raise certain topics’ awareness. The advantage of American’s social media is to link people together, where the advantage of Chinese social media, WeChat, is to link people to many services. The biggest advantage is to make the world a cashless economy. To refer back to my personal experience, I noticed that people use WeChat to transfer money and buy goods, just like they can with Apple Pay.

WeChat was released in January 2011. With less than 20 years of history, it has developed so rapidly that nowadays it has 806 million active users per month. More surprisingly, not only Chinese people use WeChat; people from other countries also use WeChat as their daily social tool. The research has found out that there are 70 million users outside of China.

Today, WeChat has become a part of people’s daily routines. They use it as their main tool to pay for goods, chat with friends, check movie schedules, and so on. It has made people’s lives more convenient so that they can do anything without leaving their place and the WeChat universe. It is not only a social media tool, but also a portal to let people connect to the world.

Why does Chinese government control its media?

As most of people knew, Chinese has the most restricted media control. It has no freedom of speech. Although the government has slowly changing the way it used to work, China still has government’s heavy involvement compare to the United States. In China, people don’t use Google, Facebook, or Instagram instead it has its own social media platforms and searching engines.

My boyfriend is a Chinese, he told me that the reason government done this is to protect Chinese. Nowadays, mass media has developed rapidly that information can deliver to anyone less than a second. Since lots of countries are not friendly to China, false information or rumors may deliver to Chinese if people use the same media platforms as other countries. The government has to ensure the quality of the information its people are getting.

However, China has been doing media control too over. No matter how concern the government has to do with its people. It is people’s rights to decide what information they would like to receive. There are average of 86 posts were removed by the government on media due to violating Chinese censorship discipline. Under the government’s pressure of control, more people had gained the ability to access to other online tools, which made the number of people to share and access uncensored information grow.

Although China is one the most media restricted countries. It has done good impact of its Great Firewall that the state of the country has successfully preventing information harmful to the Communist Party from entering the country. The Internet is thriving in China, which it is a wise move to keep the media restriction but with a more flexible attitude. With nearly 700 million users, putting them behind the firewall is also more convenient to regulate the rule and ensure its people’s safety.

Media Ethic

20th Centuries Fox created several fake news sites to triggered people attention to its new upcoming film, A Cure for Wellness. The company published fake news online and made up stories to look like local news media. Although the company claimed it as their promotion strategy, lots of people still believe in its released news and share them on social media. This recent incident has to do with media ethic. The company should not play with audience’s trust and manipulate people’s interest.

Media ethic deals with the distinct ethical problems, practices, and norms of news media. It involved the questions about how professional journalism use media to publish stories. It is also the subdivision of applied ethics dealing with the specific ethical principles and standards of media, including broadcast media, film, print media and the Internet. Companies should use media properly instead using it as a tool to lie to the public. Nowadays, most people are heavily relying on the information they received from the media. It is not ethical to fool people around by manipulating their trust.

On the contrary, there is a television show in China called A Bite of China. It presents Chinese culture through the portal of food to the world. Inside the show, everything is real. There is no actors or actress that memorize the scripts and act. The motto of this television show is to tell the truth. China used this television show as its media tool to introduce Chinese culture and traditions. In addition, this is the right way to utilize media instead of using it to lie to the audience thus to gain attentions.

Being a media person, one should hold his/her media ethic all the time. There are many ways to gain public’s interest through using media in the right way. Although 20 Centuries Fox’s motivation is good, the method is unethical.

Promote culture through utilizing media

If you ask me about my impression of China, I would say how strong its food culture is. Every district has its own food culture. If you go up to the North side of China, you can see how people are obsessed with spicy food. This is because the temperature in Northern China is much colder than Southern China. Therefore, people eat spicy food to keep their bodies warm. However, where did my information come from if I have only been to China once?

A Bite of China,a television show that introduces Chinese food culture, has informed me a lot about not only Chinese food culture but also Chinese culture in general. Through watching this television show, I learned about Chinese tradition, life style, behavior, and society. It depicts people’s interactions through making and serving food. Thus, there is story behind every scene for people to dig in to.


The show is made from CCTV, China Central Television, which is the predominant state television broadcaster in China. It is accessible to more than one billion viewers. China uses this huge audience base to made this television show and promote its culture via media flexibly. It has successfully reached out to foreigners through publishing channels on YouTube.

CCTV makes a clear goal that targets people’s interest in eating, then presents the story that fits the audience’s taste. The broadcaster has done thorough market research to lead people from diverse countries to get a sense of Chinese culture. Different from other food television shows, A Bite of China records the foods that are not made from famous chefs or expensive restaurants. It depicts the dishes that are made from ordinary people everyday. The show presents Chinese people’s daily diets, their habits of eating, and their food spirit.

Moreover, the show records how the farmers grow the food, and shows the process of making noodles and main dishes from scratch. It gives the audience the chance to get closer with ordinary Chinese living style, thus to understand Chinese society via the portal of food.

The motto of this television show, is “telling the truth.” All of the people that the audience can see on the show are not actors. They are real farmers and cooks. They have no script to memorize; every word and every food dish they make is original. The show has touched my heart because there is story behind every dish. Some recipes are inherited from thousands of years ago, and some recipes are originally made from this generation. It is considered as a food documentary television show that only presents the truth.

Through this television show, China successfully promotes Chinese culture to the world. By targeting human interest, the show picks the topic that everyone can relate to—food—thus demonstrating its core message. The show uses media flexibly to enhance foreigners’ understanding toward China.